Why I’m Breaking Up With Snapchat

I've been thinking about ending it for a while and now it's finally time.

Oh Snapchat, where did things go wrong? I hate to do this to you right before Valentine’s Day, but it’s better we do this sooner than later.

It all started as a little fling in college after I heard my buddies talk about the fun they’ve had with you. I created an account and had a good run. Between the naughty Snapchats and the hookup plans, everything seemed like it was going well, but as Ecstasy, Passion and Pain once sang, good things don’t last forever. You’ve changed, Snapchat… and I’ve found someone better. 


El O.G. Tyler

Founder of Life Of Guy. Class clown since the day I was born. Hobbies include being terrible at golf, starting fights on the internet, and awkward Uber drivers.

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