Ways To Naturally Increase Testosterone

You may have read my post last week that talked about Ibuprofen lowering your testosterone or Tyler’s post about how jerking off is lowering your testosterone, so you may be asking: “How do I boost my testosterone?”

Forget the supplements you buy from from places like your local GNC store, the way to go is natural. Many supplements you buy at places like GNC are not FDA approved and can cause some serious damage to the body. Sure, short-term a testosterone booster supplement may give you some sweet gainz, but unless you plan taking a test booster for the rest of your life it will do you no good.

Unnatural increases in testosterone can increase the risk of injuries. The test boosters only help you gain muscle mass and don’t help strengthen ligaments and tendons that support your muscles, leading to injuries like muscle tears, ligament ruptures, tendon injuries and possible stunted growth among users.

Once you stop taking the test booster your, gainz will diminish and some serious health problems may surface as a result from them. Side effects from taking testosterone boosters include sleep apnea, kidney failure, acne, prostate cancer, depression, and polycythemia. On top of all that the classic aggressive male with uncontrollable anger problems are common because of the increased levels of the hormone in the body. So in short… they’re no good for you.

Instead of putting your body at risk with supplements try these natural ways to increase testosterone. First, you can increase your testosterone by consistently exercising and lifting weights. Next, having a well-balanced diet from eating protein, fats, and carbs can increase hormone levels. Another way is by minimizing your levels of stress in your everyday life.

The best vitamins, zinc and B, are known for increasing testosterone in athletes and improving sperm quality. Other vitamins to consider are vitamins A, C and E which some believe are linked to increasing testosterone as well. Along with that make sure that you get 7-10 hours of quality sleep a night.

Finally, I hate to say it but excess alcohol or drug use (doesn’t matter if it’s medical or recreational) can also decrease testosterone levels. Remember, living an overall healthy lifestyle is most important but consider natural ways to increase testosterone instead of that supplement bullshit you get at your local vitamin store. So get your year started right and help your body make more of the good stuff by living a healthy lifestyle.


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