UFC Fight Night 124: Jeremy Stevens vs Dooho Choi Watercooler Recap

Lil' Heathen defeats UFC's K-pop star Dooho Choi

Main Card

Jeremy Stevens vs Dooho Choi

Stevens defeats Choi via TKO

This was a great fight. First round was good, led mostly by strikes from Dooho Choi. But the second round exploded into a brawl. Both guys started really throwing and both landed some powerful shots. In the end, Jeremy Stevens landed more power on Choi and took him out. Now in his last fight, Dooho Choi fought Cub Swanson. Thats when Choi first displayed his granite chin in the UFC. He won the first round against Cub, and when they went to their corners Cub’s coach told him that they noticed Dooho can’t fight moving backwards. So Cub Swanson began to move forwards a lot more, and that was the key to Cub’s win over Choi. You’d think that Choi would change something about his training and technique, but this fight had basically the same outcome. Stevens began to really move forward and lay on pressure and Choi couldn’t handle it.


Jessica-Rose Clark vs Paige VanZant

Clark defeats VanZant via Unanimous Decision

Paige VanZant’s back. Thats pretty cool. She did a great job considering she had a broken arm from the either the first or the beginning of the second round. She fought through it like it didn’t even happen. I mean look at the x-ray of it she posted online.

Just imagine throwing punches with that arm. Hey, she won my heart once again after last night. Just look at her, she probably win yours too.


Kamaru Usman vs Emil Meek

Usman defeats Meek via Unanimous Decision

Kamaru Usman lost this fight. I mean, not literally, but this display only did him damage. I have a theory about this weird match-up. Kamaru Usman was a killer before this fight, but he doesn’t get love from UFC fans. Watch any out of the ring coverage of him and you’ll understand why. Dana White decided to throw him an unranked welterweight, so Kamaru could put him out in spectacular fashion and gain some fan attention before breaking the top 5. Well if this was the case, the plan failed miserably. The fight went to a fucking decision for Christ’s sake. Kamaru won each round by one single point each. He got takedowns in each round, but Meek landed heavy shots from the bottom anywhere they went. In order to prevent taking shots, Usman laid on top of Meek with his head against his body for almost a full 15 minutes. The crowed booed throughout the fight, throughout the decision, throughout the post fight interview, and as Kamaru left the arena. Even Dana was shitting on him after. And not a single fan was gained….


Darren Elkins vs Michael Johnson

Elkins defeats Johnson via Submission (rear-naked choke)

Watching Darren Elkins fight is like watching a really rewarding underdog story. The guy just gets destroyed with numerous strikes that would take out anyone else in the featherweight division. Somehow, he always manages to climb back up on his horse and save the day with a tko or submission. It’s truly a rewarding experience to watch him fight. As for Michael Johnson, I don’t know what else there is for the guy to do. He had a really bad streak of fights at lightweight and decided to give featherweight a shot, only to get submitted by a guy he had beat the shit out of in round one. I like Michael Johnson. His wins in the UFC are always crazy. Hopefully he moves back up to lightweight and figures out some better strategies than what he’s been displaying.


Only two interesting fights here so here you go:

Marco Polo Reyes vs Matt Frevola

Reyes defeats Frevola Via KO

Polo Reyes got POTN here. These two guys came out swinging fast and loose. Reyes was obviously the more precise striker. Only took 60 seconds for Marco to turn Frevola into a rubber boy.


Kyung Ho Kang vs Guido Cannetti

Kang defeats Cannetti via Submission (triangle choke)

This fight was slow to start. Kang got rocked and recovered nicely. Just check out this submission. Cannetti basically deadlifts Kang after he locks in the triangle and Kang climbs him like a tree. Pretty entertaining stuff. It was good to see Kyung Ho Kang win his first fight after coming back after over 2 years from mandatory military service in South Korea.

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