Motivation Monday- Philadelphia Eagles

Be like Philly and go get yours!!

Sober up #GuyNation! Yes it is the Monday after the #Superbowl but that is even more #motivation to get up and chase your goals today. WOOOOOOO!! If you are tuning in today you are probably in a great mood that the New England Patriots ended up choking against the Philadelphia Eagles. If you are near a Patriots fan, tell them they can go cry in the bathroom because we don’t want to hear their sorry excuses.

The Philadelphia Eagles have won their first Super bowl in NFL history and they deserve it. A 41-33 win over the “Dynasty” of the New England Patriots gives every Philly fan a right to call out of work and celebrate all day. Not to mention they made Tom Brady look like a scared 5 year old kid on his final drive, letting his age of 40 show thoroughly. Maybe it is time to hang it up bud.

The Philadelphia Eagles are the perfect underdog story and any of those who oppose need take a long look at themselves in the mirror. Not only was Philly consistently one of the best teams in the league this year week in and week out during the regular season, they also had to play the last final games of the season without the man who should have won MVP: Carson Wentz. The North Dakota State Alumni is a stud and will have a long career with plenty of other opportunities to win a few more championships. Although Nick Foles was not the starter the whole year, the kid can play! What a great story! Ironically this is similar to how Kurt Warner and even the “G.O.A.T” Tom Brady won their first Superbowls.

#GuyNation, learn a lesson from the Philadelphia Eagles, when it goes and gets tough, keep going. Keep trucking, keep moving and don’t stop. If you keep fighting and don’t lose hope. You will defeat the enemy and achieve your goal if you decide to give it your all and rise to the occasion. Congrats gentlemen, we do not have to hear the spoiled New England fans until next August. What a season men… what a season.


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