Monday Motivation: Never Give Up, Don’t Ever Quit

Welcome back for another week of Monday Motivation. This week let’s take a look at a clip from a movie that is not very well known called Facing The Giants. Let’s enjoy our football movies and gear us up for the Superbowl before we have to reluctantly say good bye to our short term, on again, off again relationship with the NFL until next August. This is a very powerful clip of a high school football team overcoming adversity and having to rise to the occasion of playing a well-proven and established rival high school. The scene portrays a coach that is struggling to get the most out of his team and prove to them that they can accomplish so much more than their wildest imagination. A player and leader named Brock is challenged and pushed to rise to the occasion and dig deeper than he believes he can.

Reflect on this scene and think about what it means to attack the day and to give your very best towards a task or goal. No one said it would be easy, but if it is worth it, you will find a way. You have heard this term before but the science behind is mind over matter. When you are tired, beat up and you feel like you have nothing left; keep going. Half of the fun in achieving a goal is the grind during and the sense of accomplishment you get when you finally do achieve it.

The harder you work for something you want and you finally get it, whether it is a new car, house, money, your dream job, the better of a sense of accomplishment and appreciation you will have for it.  What I am saying is one day, when I do pull up my long driveway, leading to my big house and I’m greeted by my beautiful wife with voluptuous tits, I’m going to feel a much greater sense of accomplishment and appreciation because I know the journey I took and the sacrifices I made to get to achieve those goals. So do yourself a favor and remind yourself that when the journey gets tough and you think you have given it your all, you don’t. Keep going. Keep pushing.

Never give up, don’t ever quit.

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