John Skipper Leaves ESPN To Sober Up

John Skipper gets shit-canned and we couldn't be happier.

It’s finally here, boys… the day we never thought would actually happen. ESPN President John Skipper has decided to part ways with the failing company due to “substance addiction”. As to which substance..? Who knows, but we imagine it has something to do with huffing his own bullshit. We’ve managed to find a live feed of the ESPN offices this morning, and it’s not pretty:

Over the years, ESPN has gone from being one of the best sources of sports news out there to click-bait bullshit like the rest of them. The company was doing so bad that it was bringing down Disney’s stock price, which really says something considering how massive of a company Disney is.

Hopefully ESPN will realize the mistakes they’ve made with the network and appoints a CEO who actually cares about the success of the brand. And let’s hope Sarah Spain is next to get shit-canned. #MakeESPNGreatAgain


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